The Practical Use of Bio-Feedback

Perhaps, it would serve the reader best if I explain a few things about how the subconscious mind works.  Mind you, everything I’m saying in this article has to do with practical experience.  After all, I have been doing hypnosis for more than half a century.  

That said, it has been my observation that the conscious mind is generally about what we can see, touch, taste, smell and hear.  The ‘Ego’ is very much attached to the 5 senses and wants, more than anything, to keep our perception of the world and how it works, Read more

Compliant Child Syndrome Part 2 – Adventures in Hypnosis

Every now and then, I run across a client who is so willing to get better that he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Usually this is the person who has already tried everything else with little or no success and has finally come to the conclusion that the answer he’s looking for must come from within.

In the earliest stages of my career, as a hypnotherapist, I performed hypnosis as a form of entertainment. At parties I’d have fun with Read more

The Compliant Child Syndrome

I suppose we all know or have known a person or persons who suffer from issues that can be traced back to childhood. More often than not, that observation is something we see about ourselves. Isn’t it interesting that in spite of our deliberate efforts to forgive our parents for their ‘bad parenting skills’, we still find many of their negative behaviors becoming our own. Even their negative words somehow find a way into our own language and self-talk. But what about the truly psychotic behaviors of a man who walks into a movie theatre or a pre-school and simply starts shooting? Is there any rhyme or reason to this behavior? As strange as the following statement sounds it’s true: their actions make perfect sense……to them.

Years ago, one of my clients, who I will refer to as Read more

Proud to Be a Believer

“Everyday brings with it infinite possibilities of health, wealth, peace and love.” I recently said this to one of my clients as she opened her eyes and smiled after a wonderfully healing session. I smiled back. She rose from the chair and thanked me with a check and a hug before leaving. As she walked away down the hall and out the door, I smiled inwardly, as I thought back to the not-to-distant past when I would have laughed if anyone had made that statement to me.

I was a different person in those days. To say that I was a Read more