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Choury DeVelle

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Quit Smoking

You owe it to yourself!

If you are serious about quitting, Orange County Hypnosis Center is the place for you.

The hard truth:

Either you will stop smoking or smoking will stop you. 

Has nothing else worked?

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Weight Loss

Up, down, and up again…

How many times have you ridden the weight loss “roller coaster”? Permanent weight loss is our number one goal.

Did you know?

True weight loss is only 10% dependent on your dieting and 90% dependent on your subconscious mind, which includes your attitude and beliefs.

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Stress Management

Are you feeling fatigued, angry, anxious or depressed?

Symptoms of stress are: rashes, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

You may not even know how much stress has affected and infected your health. It’s not ‘what’ you think but ‘how’ you think that makes the difference!

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About Us

Meet Choury DeVelle, BSC, CHt, NLP

Orange County Hypnosis Center is a subsidiary of the Quantum Meditation and Transformation group – founded by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, teacher, visionary and author, Choury DeVelle.

I believe the mind is truly the final frontier. Just as flying machines would have been considered miraculous to 18th century engineers, so miracle healings today, will be considered common place to medical science in the next 50 to 100 years.

Choury DeVelle

A great deal of the healing that takes place in the world today, begins in mind of the patient. Proof of this is the ‘Placebo Effect’, where the patient has so much faith in the doctor and the medicine administered that he is essentially healed by an inert sugar pill.

Similarly, Dr. Blasiotto, from University of Chicago, had split people into three groups and tested each group on how many basketball ‘free throws’ they could make. Then over the next 30 days, the first group practiced free throws for an hour every day. The second group visualized themselves making free throws for an hour every day. The third group didn’t visualize or practice at all. At the end of the 30 days, he tested each group again. The first group, which physically practiced every day, improved by 24%. The second group, which only visualized free throws, improved by 23%. The third group didn’t improve at all.

What did this experiment prove? Well, among other things, it proved that the subconscious mind doesn’t know how to distinguish between what physically happens and what we imagine. The improvements for the first and second group were significant, even though the second group didn’t even touch a basketball for 30 days. The truth is, the second group did all the work needed to improve their performance by as much as the first group and they did it with simple visualization. In their individual subconscious minds, the members of group ‘two’ were actually shooting free throws. This means that the physical muscle memory, strength and coordination were actually created by the subconscious mind alone – that’s pretty powerful stuff.

Hypnosis allows us to tap into the infinite powerhouse of energy that resides within each one of us. Meditation gives us the balance to use this power in a way that brings light, good judgment, and empowerment to every aspect of our lives.

Published Books

The Message: A Son’s Journey from Skeptical Cynic to Spiritual Counselor

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People have asked, “Why did you write this book?” There were many reasons really. Among them was the fact I had to overcome my fear of the criticism I would receive from family, friends and relatives who want to think our family was “picture perfect.” The truth is any family that is without its closet of skeletons simply doesn’t exist. Another reason for putting it off was the “other worldly” aspect. I spent the biggest part of my life criticizing and ridiculing people who claim to have made contact with the “other side.” I didn’t believe them then and, to a degree, I still don’t. There are many “fakers” out there, but there are others who, like myself, have had experiences that we simply cannot deny – or explain. I suppose the biggest reason I wrote this book is I felt compelled to do it. I put it off for years but, as is the case with most of those things we put off, when you get old enough, you stop worrying about what other people think and you simply do it. This is my story and, as strange as it is, it’s all true. If you get nothing else out of reading this book, I hope it will inspire you “to get on” with your story as well.


Order today on amazon

This book is the second of two books chronicalling the life and times of the author. Every story is told with delicious detail, charm and wit. In addition, each of the stories has an underlying message of truth, honor and inspiration – a kind of Chicken Soup for the soul of the truth seeker.

Meditation for Golfers

Meditation • Classes

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Did you know?

Dr. Oz did a show on the power of hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, and habit control. He recommends hypnosis as one of the best long-term solutions. The reason why it works is because it gets to the root of the problem.

The following are testimonials of ordinary people who have used hypnosis and meditation for such:

When I first went to go see Choury it was about losing weight as I was over 400 lbs.! Never in my mind did I imagine I would not only lose over 250 lbs. since Sept. 2014 but through Choury’s guidance along with God’s help I’ve been able enjoy life for the first time I am able to remember! I continue to clear my mind to open more doors to so many possibilities awaiting me in life…

Read about my journey by clicking here!

Michael Wallace

Since I’ve been on the program I no longer have the desire for the snacks that were what I thought I couldn’t do without like cheese, popcorn and Cheetos…I can drive by fast-food places and not give them a thought.  My clothes just get bigger and bigger as the weeks go by.

Bob Maguire, size 68 waist to a size 40

I am in control now. I am calmer at work and with my kids. I get along better with my husband.

Poppie Rodriguez, down 50 lbs.

My health has recovered in leaps and bounds.

Gerald Blanchfield, 2 pack smoker for 25 years.

I have suffered from migraine headaches most of my life. After a short screening session with Mr. DeVelle, he was able to determine that I was a good subject for a very specific hypnosis process. He isolated the trigger point for how this happens and in one session my migraine was gone. He also gave me a method to employ when I feel another migraine coming on and, to my extreme surprise, it works. I couldn’t be happier!

Jan M.

I had the pleasure of having a session with Mr. DeVelle for chronic neck and shoulder pain following a car accident. I would wake up in the morning with neck stiffness and headaches. After one session with Choury, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years!!!

Linda S.

Meditation gave me the chance to stop looking outside myself and deal with the madness within: shutting down the ego holding me to the past. All made possible through Choury who provides a level of comfort, trust, and warmth to dare and succeed in confronting the nature of the mind. Forever grateful to you my friend.

Peter E.

Choury’s guided mediation classes are such an enlightening experience. His calming energy immediately makes you feel relaxed as he gently leads you into your own subconscious. Surrounded by a safe environment, his meditations allow you to open communication between your conscious mind and subconscious mind to start a beautiful journey to mental, emotional and physical healing. Thank you for all you do Choury – you’re a blessing to all who meet you!

Courtney Barr

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