Proud to Be a Believer

“Everyday brings with it infinite possibilities of health, wealth, peace and love.” I recently said this to one of my clients as she opened her eyes and smiled after a wonderfully healing session. I smiled back. She rose from the chair and thanked me with a check and a hug before leaving. As she walked away down the hall and out the door, I smiled inwardly, as I thought back to the not-to-distant past when I would have laughed if anyone had made that statement to me.

I was a different person in those days. To say that I was a cynical skeptic would have been a huge understatement. Even though I had many experiences with psychic phenomena and/or ‘other-worldly’ activities since childhood, my anger at life refused to give God a chance to change my heart. That was before I met Yvette, the beautiful little French woman in Santa Monica. At that time, more than 30 years ago, I had no reason to think that anything she could do could possibly help me with my problem. After all, she was just an herbalist. Only a week before meeting her, I was diagnosed with a tumor that was resting precariously at the base of my brain. I had a rash from head to foot, constant headaches, nervous trembling in my hands and feet and my thick hair was falling out in patches. To be honest, I looked like I was dying of cancer. Lydia, my girlfriend at the time, was sure I wasn’t going to live much longer, sadly, I couldn’t help but agree with her. But when Cheryl, one of Lydia’s friends, told me about Yvette, and the fact that after seeing Yvette just once, Cheryl’s breast cancer went into remission, I was willing to give her a chance.

Like I said, Yvette was a beautiful young woman with a very soft voice and sky blue eyes that held a kind of serenity that I’d never seen before. When she said she could help, I was tearfully overwhelmed with appreciation. Then she handed me a bag of red, hard-as-wood mushrooms, and said “Take these home with you, grind them up and boil them. When the water becomes bright red, strain the pulp from the liquid and wait until it cools before drinking it.” “That’s it?” I said, reacting with my usual skepticism. “That’s it.” she said softly. “You should be feeling better by tomorrow.” I really wanted to argue with her but there was something about those eyes and her confident smile that made me trust her. I’m so glad I did. When I awoke the next day, my headaches and rash had disappeared. Within a few days my hair started growing back and every other symptom was gone, I knew I was healed. Was it the mushroom tea, or was it my confidence in Yvette, or was it my belief that healed me? If I chose to, I’m sure I could skillfully argue any side of the issue. But the reality is, I was healed and no amount of arguing was going to change that. I tried to stay in touch with Yvette but she had to leave the country, something about being pressured by the ‘Powers that Be’ forced her to go back to France.

Spontaneous remission is the term used by doctors when they can’t logically explain why a patient recovers from an illness that normally doesn’t just go away, like cancers and tumors and the regeneration of supposedly dead tissue. But the fact of the matter is, everyday, patients are healed from cancers and tumors, like the one I had – they simply go away without the approval of medical science. I’ve heard it said that no one makes a better advocate for the business of spontaneous healing than one who experiences it first hand. Thankfully, I now experience it in my practice and in my life everyday. I suppose there will always be skeptics and perhaps there is truth in the old statement: “To the skeptic, no amount of proof is enough but to the believer, no amount of proof is necessary.”

Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to look at life: The first way is to see life as if nothing is a miracle. The second way is to view life as if everything is a miracle.” I prefer the latter.

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