The Message: A Son’s Journey from Skeptical Cynic to Spiritual Counselor

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People have asked, “Why did you write this book?” There were many reasons really. Among them was the fact I had to overcome my fear of the criticism I would receive from family, friends and relatives who want to think our family was “picture perfect.” The truth is any family that is without its closet of skeletons simply doesn’t exist. Another reason for putting it off was the “other worldly” aspect. I spent the biggest part of my life criticizing and ridiculing people who claim to have made contact with the “other side.” I didn’t believe them then and, to a degree, I still don’t. There are many “fakers” out there, but there are others who, like myself, have had experiences that we simply cannot deny – or explain. I suppose the biggest reason I wrote this book is I felt compelled to do it. I put it off for years but, as is the case with most of those things we put off, when you get old enough, you stop worrying about what other people think and you simply do it. This is my story and, as strange as it is, it’s all true. If you get nothing else out of reading this book, I hope it will inspire you “to get on” with your story as well.




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This book is the second of two books chronicalling the life and times of the author. Every story is told with delicious detail, charm and wit. In addition, each of the stories has an underlying message of truth, honor and inspiration – a kind of Chicken Soup for the soul of the truth seeker.